Blonde Curvy Escort Toronto

Toronto tattooed curvy escort

A kind face...

...with a body made for exploring!

Sparkling blue eyes and a soft, kind face beckon you closer. Voluptuous curves on a petite frame beg to be caressed by warm, caring hands. Artful tattoos collected over the years accent my body’s shape in ways that enhance my form rather than distract.

While I’m recognizable and have certainly been known to stop traffic, I’m equal parts “girl next door” and “blonde bombshell” (though I’m far more at ease in comfy jeans and a tee shirt than I am in evening wear). 

My pleasures are exquisite yet simple- the brush of your fingertips against the nape of my neck, the pressure of cuffs clasped tightly around my wrists, being the little spoon while we cuddle up to binge our new favorite show together.

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Blonde Curvy Escort Toronto

Lyn Taylor

Lyn Taylor is a tattooed blonde curvy escort based in Toronto. Open-minded and kind, Lyn’s submissive and healing approach to BDSM is not to be missed.

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